Our Story

We believe in real outcomes and real progress

Infraks was initiated by a group of passionate industry professionals with diverse experiences and unique talents, united in their common vision of helping businesses develop new capabilities and achieve increased agility in ever-changing environments.

Although the idea to start an integrated outsourcing and consultancy firm has been in the works for some time, the real push to form Infraks came as a result of the significant impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on businesses around the world. Many businesses have been finding it particularly tough to navigate through these disruptions, with many unable to even maintain their existing business processes and functions.

In this age of connected ecosystems where businesses, now more than ever, are looking externally for reliable and cost-efficient ways to cope with new and evolving disruption threats, we offer you the perfect platform to seek agility in different areas of your business.

With our pragmatic solutions and dependable resources, we will ensure that your processes and functions continue to run smoothly, keeping your business moving in the right direction.