Our Services

No matter the kind of business support you need from Infraks, you can count on us to solve your problems reliably


Digital Communications

Our digital communications team at infraks is a creative powerhouse brimming with inspiring artists, content creators, digital marketers and branding strategists, ready to unleash their talents and passions to help your brands thrive in the digital sphere. We can deliver outstanding results for your business in the online space, enhancing your brand’s visibility and diversifying your customer reach.


Data Analytics

With our data analytics & business intelligence solutions, we will help you manage your data better so that you can extract the right information and see the bigger picture with clarity. Our data experts can process huge amounts of complex data and transform it into actionable insights, making it easy for you to implement data-driven strategies for your business.



Whether you are an established business or a startup, you can depend on Infraks to take care of all your accounting and bookkeeping needs. You will get all the benefits and expertise similar to any of the big four firms; only that we are more accessible and affordable. Our team can also help you in improving compliance, reducing costs, and increasing revenues with strategic financial planning.


Tax Services

Infraks is your trusted resource for all types of tax-related services. Whether you are a salaried individual, a sole proprietor, a partnership or a company in Pakistan, Infraks is here to help you with all your tax problems with dependable tax services that include all types of income tax return filing, tax registrations, business tax planning, tax audits, corporate trainings and tax advisory services.